About Us

A Passion for Art & Luxury Chocolate

We want to make a difference and it starts by pouring our heart and soul into our chocolates so you can enjoy flavor using quality ingredients with authentic cacao chocolate, made from scratch.  Nothing artificial or processed is used in our chocolate candies, bars, and truffles.  

For a decade, what I learned throughout my childhood was transferred to painting large canvas abstract artwork for exhibits and homes.  My passion was fueled by music, history and childhood, ultimately drawing emotion on canvas.  

With my creativity starting in the kitchen with my mom, learning many secret family recipes, this passion found a way to interpret art to chocolate lovers.  I discovered another way to share art appreciation using chocolate. Our small batch creations, known as Bella Sophia Chocolates, gives art lovers the ability to enjoy a beautiful piece of art while savoring the taste of luxury chocolate.  We make it available in a small, intimate orders to a box of chocolates for the family or office.  Art, music, and chocolate are beautiful ways to celebrate life.

As a small, family owned business, this venture has brought us even closer as husband, wife and daughter, Bella Sophia, who this company was named after.  We believe you will enjoy our chocolates as much as we enjoy creating them for you.





Steph Shafer (Founder & CEO)



JD Shafer

 (Co-Founder & COO)



Company History

Since December of 2016, Bella Sophia Chocolates has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international palate, we fuse unique flavor combination techniques from around the world to create award winning flavors and textures. Bella Sophia Chocolates carefully handcrafts in small batches from our kitchen in Orange County. To achieve optimal flavor, our products are sourced from local and regional farmers using only the finest and when available organic items.  With no additives in our chocolates, we are able to highlight the exceptional quality of our chocolates.